Happy 100

Without my grandmother, I never would have learned common Italian phrases such as:

I love you, Grandma!!! *

 * exclamation marks inserted for both excitement and so that she can hear it.


Here she is mocking the youth of Mickey Mouse.

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57 thoughts on “Happy 100

  1. Interestingly, I drifted off to sleep… wondering, Where has Mike Callahan been? (Yes, these are in fact the things that keep me awake). Happy 100th to your grandmother! What an accomplishment!

    • I’ve been busy with school, so blogging has been a more difficult thing to find time for.

      She always wanted to make it to 100 and she did. I’m pretty proud of her. It took a lot of pacts with evil forces, but she did it, dammit.😉

      • Gotta love those women who deal in evil forces! (or, for my sake, I hope folks gotta love em). It’s a very cool achievement! Love the picture form Disney.

    (Extra exclamation points as a hmph to her whippersnapper grandson.)

  3. She sounds like my Italian grandmother! Happy Birthday!!!!! Eat a cannoli – then worry you’re getting fat.

  4. Granny Mannone makes 100 look like the new 80, Mike! But she might be creeped out knowing that it was a middle aged lesbian who said that. Or maybe she’d be flattered? Whatever the case, that’s quite a milestone to have been kicking since 1914. She rocks.

  5. Michele

    Happy Birthday Grandma!!!!! She is who really taught us the joys of Disneyland…..and introduced us to the famous headless Mickey and Minnie…..but that is another blog. Her favorite ride? Well Space Mountain of course! She is surprisingly feisty.

    Most fun memory of her is going on a cruise with her….and she made sure we made it to every single buffet…..all 12 of them….each day….for 7 days….and she still brought back dinner rolls and bananas in her purse to our cabin just in case we got hungry. And we gambled and hung out in the night club on board until 1 am …. fun times!

    • Some of the rides she used to go on were pretty impressive. I also remember her taking me on that ride at Knotts Berry Farm, the one that puts you into a small cage, raises you to the top of a tower, then drops you from several stories, while a parachute flaps in the breeze pretending to do anything whatsoever. I don’t know that I’d go on that ride even now, but she did it back then. Ha.

    • Michele – Mike has offered to swap himself with my brother:) He said you’d be down with that. However, I think we might be cousins because my Italian grandmother sounds suspiciously like yours…

  6. Happy Birthday Grandma Mannone. So you’re Irish and Italian….that’s good stuff.

  7. 100! Your grandma is so cute. Look at that FACE.

  8. Happy Birthday Grandma! I want some Baked Ziti! Please!

  9. I just r/t, I love this idea! My grandmother was the most awesome lady I knew, so I know yours is probably just as great:-)

    Happy Birthday to her!

    • Thanks, Sheena. As she’s gotten older, she’s gotten sweeter. Not to say she was a mean person before, but she’s definitely lost that passive-aggressive grandmother edge to her.

  10. Grandma looks like she has some stories to share. Happy Birthday Grandma!

    • Hi Stacie!
      Yes, she does a lot of stories to share. Most of them get more and more honest and she gets older, so they become increasingly awesome.

  11. Mike, Happy Birthday to your Grandma. She looks great. Nice to have those strong Italian and Irish genes. Luck of the Irish and buona fortuna!

    • She looks pretty good, it’s true. Her preservation is due to large amounts of sugar and her consumption of the chemical cocktail known as Mocha Mix.

  12. Congratulations to your nonna!
    Oh, and Mike, you really should eat everything she tells you to. I mean, she just celebrated 100 years with her diet.

  13. Buon compleanno to your nonna! My Great Uncle Nick, who was from the old country, lived to be a measly 96, living on a diet of pasta, olives, pastries, espresso, and scotch. There must be something to that diet.

    • I think there are a lot of preservatives in those diets, man. Like I told someone else, though, I firmly believe the chemicals of the Mocha Mix officially stopped her aging process somewhere around 1967.

  14. They say our genes come mostly from our grandparents, so I promise to take you to Disneyland when you’re 100. Of course, I’ll probably be about 120, so no running please…

    My grandmother passed away when she was 97, and, like you, I was appreciative for every moment.

    • I enjoyed my visit down in February, so I’m glad I made the trip.

      I look forward to you taking me to Disneyland when I am 100, Ned. We can put a churro into a blender, then share the paste-y goodness.

      • Why wait? (On the pureed churro I mean)

        I’m glad you made the trip to; those kinds of opportunities are rare and important — good for you for recognizing that😉

  15. Happy Birthday, Josephine!

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  17. I’m getting here late, but this is awesome! Happy belated birthday to your grandma. My grandma turns 92 this year. She’s still going strong, and hopefully will be for many years to come. Hopefully Josephine will too!

    • Thanks for stopping by, Smak. Unfortunately, my grandma passed away on Thursday. She was 100, passed in her sleep, in her own home and with a full stomach of meatballs and cake. She went out in about the best way any of us can.

      Hope Grandma Smaktakula makes it to 100.:)

      • I’m sorry, man–but what a great life. I consider the 20th Century as having begun June 28th, 1914 (when Archduke Franz Ferdinand was assasinated), and ending September 10th, 2001. Your grandma lived through some serious history. Not to be corny, but in some ways that history now lives through you and the others who love her. My grandmother, when she was a little girl, met pioneers and survivors of the Indian wars and Civil War veterans (they were all very old by then, of course). But she interracts with my boys every day, and so, even though they were born in the 21st Century, they have a connection to people from the 19th. It’s cool.

        • I envy that generation, honestly. To witness the evolution of movies, air travel, technology, so many things. What an amazing perspective to have!

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