Contest: UPDATE and WINNER




After careful (random) consideration (closed eyes and pointed), the winner of this amazing 1st edition book , Growing Up and Liking It, is Sizzle for her suggestion of writing about past roommates.




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23 thoughts on “Contest: UPDATE and WINNER

    Actually, her choice was much better than mine.
    Congrats, Sizzle!

    • At no point in the post did I specify that it would be a fair contest. This contest, my family tree, my sham marriage, it’s all rigged.

      Thanks for playing, El Guapo. You rock.

  2. Yes! I love winning! And books!

  3. clownonfire

    There was a contest? And even though I do not know the rules nor did I even partake in it, I should have won.
    Le Clown

  4. springfieldfem

    Riveting. Can’t wait to read this. NOW. Get on it.

    • clownonfire

      Look at you…
      You can chat AND blog simultaneously… Magnificent.
      Le Clown

      • springfieldfem

        I am multi-talented at multi-tasking. In fact, I am saving a bus full of nuns and kittens while I write this.

        • clownonfire

          …With your eyes close and one hand tied in your back, right?
          Le Clown

          • springfieldfem

            It’s like you’re right here with me!

            • clownonfire

              Jenn invited me. Should we send you a picture?
              Le Clown

              • springfieldfem

                Yeah! We’ll wave and flash our new gang sign, MC!

                • The two of you have a gang sign that is MC? I’m flattered! So, what kind of gang is it that I’ve inspired? White slavery? Drug trafficking? Drug trafficking via white slavery mules? Do tell!

                  • springfieldfem


                    • clownonfire

                      I’ve moved on.
                      Jenn, thanks for the alcohol free beer. You make the best one I’ve ever tasted.
                      Le Clown

            • Jenn, get out of the house, now. It sounds like Le Clown has broken into your home, set up Clown Cameras and is spying on you. He’s on a multi-nation reign of terror and smiles.

  5. nice ankles

  6. Am L

    So late leaving a comment, but one day you should write about taking Foods your sophomore year (right, or was it freshman?), and the crazy Mrs. Marr. That woman had the scariest smile, and the people in that class were a trip. : )

    • Ha ha. Freshman year, but yeah, that was a good class. I got in trouble for throwing dough on the ceiling.

      Good to hear from you, Am.

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